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New House Highland

New House Highland is owned and operated by Matthew and Joannie Newsome and is based in Sylva, North Carolina, USA. Matthew Newsome is a kilt maker with over 13 years experience, specializing in traditional and historic styles of kilt, especially the four-yard box pleated kilt of the early nineteenth century. He is a former director of the Scottish Tartans Museum of Franklin, NC, where he worked for fifteen years, former member of the Board of Governors of the Scottish Tartans Authority, and a lifetime member of the Guild of Tartan Scholars.

New House Highland has a vested interest in providing high quality, authentic Scottish Highlandwear products, which is why since 2011 we have partnered with House of Cheviot in Hawick, Scotland, to bring the finest knit kilt hose available to the American market.


Are you interested in offering House of Cheviot brand kilt hose to your customers? Please email us for information about purchasing wholesale.


New House Highland does not sell House of Cheviot kilt hose direct to individuals. However, you can find many of our products for sale on Amazon.com or you can email us with your location and we will be happy to direct you to a stockist nearest you.

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Email: matt@newhousehighland.com

Website: www.newhousehighland.com