Argyle Top Kilt Hose
Contemporary style, featuring a bold Argyle pattern on the cuff.  These hose are made from a 3ply Merino wool/acrylic blend.  They are made with a fully reinforced foot, which not only adds to the comfort when wearing, but signifigantly extends the life of the hose.  Most socks wear out first in the heel and toe; the reinforced foot helps keep wear and tear at bay, making these hose a smart investment.  Click here for purchasing information.

Machine washable in cool water on the gentle/delicate cycle.  Allow to air dry
Ancient Scot Hunting Scot National Scot Royal Scot
Ancient Scot Hunting Scot National Scot Royal Scot
Sizes available:
Small (6-8 US)
Medium (8.5-10.5 US)
Large (11-13 US)
X-Large (13.5-14.5 US)
Everything old is new again:  This little lad was enjoying his Argyle topped hose nearly 100 years ago, and they are still in fashion today!
Scottish Kilt
distributed in the USA by
New House Highland
Quite possibly the world's best kilt hose.
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