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Do Not Tumble Dry - Magnet

Do Not Tumble Dry - Magnet

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*Available for free with the purchase of any socks* Limit one per customer. (See below the description for details.)

Has this happened to you? You put a load of clothes in the washing machine that contains some items that cannot be tumble-dried. Then after the wash is finished, and before you can get to it, a well-meaning house-mate thinks they're doing you a favor and they transfer all of it into the dryer. OH NO!

This magnet can be put on the front of the washing machine to warn any good-doers that one or more items in the machine needs to be removed and hang-dried. Just put it in place when you load the machine, and whoever unloads it will know they either need to find the items or find you before putting any of it in the dryer. When not needed it can be stored away on the side of the machine.

3D printed using PLA (polylactic acid), a biobased plastic made from renewable plant resources. With a strong neodymium magnet embedded inside to prevent scratching the machine surface or the magnet from falling off.

*To redeem the free magnet offer: Add this magnet to your shopping cart and add at least 1 pair of any socks or garter ties (kilt hose, walking socks, country collection, or discontinued socks). At checkout enter discount code NODRY.

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