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Musquash (Brown) Dress Sporran

Musquash (Brown) Dress Sporran

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Full Dress Formal Traditional Sporran for Highland Kilt

Handmade in Scotland from real leather hide and skin.

Musquash (muskrat) Skin has a deep rich shine with long silk feel guard hairs which, along with the carved cantle, makes for a contemporary look.

Available in a variety of leather options and a choice of eight suede interior colors.

This is a custom-made product. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Bespoke Services 

We are committed to offering the best when it comes to your sporran. The dedicated team of sporran makers will be happy to accommodate any changes or personal touches you wish to make to your sporran. For more information about personal engraving services or additional skin/metalwork alternatives please contact us.

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